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Welcome to the new HASOI website, we hope you enjoy Ireland's largest transport heritage website*
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"an ambitious project to create the first all-Ireland aviation history website"
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"... HASOI Is Ireland's aviation heritage movement... "
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Why We Rely On Sponsorship

HASOI can only do so much with our limited resources. We have been operating entirely out of the directors pockets since 2004 and the recent and continued kind support of patrons to HASOI has helped us immensly to expand. We aim to accommodate the needs of all with our website and all services. To continue to do this we are constantly looking for volunteers, donations and services free of charge in a variety of fields.

To encourage the continued support of HASOI, when we finally get our museum up and running we will name all patrons contributing over €250.00 and all commercial groups contributing over €2,000.00 on a special plague. We hope that we will have such a museum running by 2012 with your continued support.


To Donate

Personal Donations ::: We accept donations by prior arrangement, please contact us.

Corporate Donations ::: We accept corporate donations based on a set criteria available upon request - click here.


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