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Privacy Policy & Terms Of Usage

Terms & Conditions Of Using The HASOI Website The purpose of this page is to define all the rules, terms and regulations by which visitors and users must adhere to while using our site or any associated services related to the website www.historicalaviationireland.com or HASOI – The Historical Aviation Society Of Ireland – which is the stated owner of the website, under the administrative management (online content management) of Things2do Ireland, an Irish owned and operated business which voluntarily agrees to service the website accordingly. Under Irish jurisdiction all the agreements made below, are automatically accepted by any person accessing our domain, or sending any communication to our organisation. Such persons will be held solely liable for their actions under Irish and international law and may be prosecuted as such.


Policy For The Elimination Of Spam
All contact via email, postal or in any form digitally transmitted to HASOI without the prior consent for commercial communication will be treated as Spam. Under clearly defined Irish law combating unsolicited contacting and information transmission, those persons who transmit such information will be held liable to prosecution under Irish law, regardless of where the communication originated. It is therefore strongly advised not to communicate with HASOI in the manner outlined above, as we may proceed with legal action, which is fully within our rights, we may also contact the original advertisers and report abuse of contract to them if you are carrying out spamming as part of an advertising campaign for a client. HASOI is in firm agreement that Spam should be removed from the internet now, and for good.


Policy For Dealing With Offensive Materials
All contact or services usage which allows for the transmission or communication streams by which offensive information or material, including, but not limited to material of a racist, sexist, erotic, threatening or other such obscene gesture of contact will be threatened very seriously, persons will be blocked from using our services, including methods such as IP blocking, and if deemed necessary legal action will be taken on behalf of HASOI by directors and members affected. Such abuse will not be tolerated and will be dealt with, within the full extents of Irish law.


Usage Of Copyrighted Materials
All material from our site is strict copyright of HASOI, Byron Smith, The Historical Aviation Society Of Ireland, or its original copyright holder, it may not be used without written permission from the HASOI webmaster (webmaster@historicalaviationireland.com), if you are unsure of the copyright holder of such materials, or no contact details are made available, you may also contact them via the webmasters address supplied above. To report abuse of copyrights or creative publishing permissions please also use the above address and we aim to address your issue within 72 hours. We will not be held responsible for using mis-accredited information under and conditions or laws; however we will remove offending material as soon as possible.


Legal Status Of HASOI
HASOI is currently operating as a movement for aviation heritage, based in the Republic Of Ireland, in Dublin City. We are currently legally registered as an online enthusiast network and website, however we are currently undergoing a change of administration to being a fully bonafide registered friendly society for the preservation of aviation heritage within the island of Ireland, at which point we will receive limited liability and charitable status under Irish law.


Privacy Policy
HASOI or its acting directors and volunteers will never knowingly pass on confidential or personal/contact information to third parties under our policy on privacy. All details passed on to us via our official server email addresses shall also be treated as private and confidential unless stated to be forwarded to a third party for an issue to be resolved. We will not compromise your on site tracks or usage patterns, unless you, or your IP address are found, or believed to be found to be engaging in unfair, offensive, obscene or illegal behaviour on our site or on sites directly linked to ours, or while visiting, entering or leaving our website. Such details may be used in legal actions, or if in breach of the Child Protection acts or illegal usage of the internet charters, may be reported to third party governing bodies, legal enforcement agencies, etc where applicable, without any liability on behalf of HASOI. Such legal sanctions may also be taken if information or material of such nature is transmitted to HASOI via any means or ways.


Banning Of Users For Misconduct
The administration of HASOI reserves the right to allow or block entrance to any (or all) services provided on our domain from a given IP address or linking partner without prior notice, you may contact our webmaster on webmaster@historicalaviationireland.com for more details or to ask for a ban of access reviewable. This is our given right, it is not subject to legal challenge without proper ground.


Protection Of Directors & Members
No member or director is to be held responsible for the actions of another or a visitor/ user of our site and associated services in any form; they will not be held liable in a court of law or by order of any regulations where applicable, unless ordered to do so by an independent governing body. All material on our site is the sole liability of the original IP address poster or webmaster responsible at the time of issuing of material(s).



The Voluntary Board
Of Provisional Directors

17th April 2007