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New European Legislation Proposed

We were fortunate enough to be contacted by Nationale Federatie Historische Luchtvaart" (National Federation Historic Aviation Of The Netherlands), in relation to a new proposed scheme for aviation heritage across Europe. We hope to be involved in this scheme over the next few months and we'll let you know exactly what happens when we settle all the details. We are hoping it will be a European legislative route to proper facilities for those with an interest in aviation in Ireland, yet again we must stress that the more feet in the street, the more the government will take note.


Buccaneer At Weston


The presence of weird and wonderfully visitors and new residents for EIWT Weston is becoming more obvious. Last summer (2007), Buccaneer XV863 a Gulf war veteran became the newest of a long line of unique craft to come to Weston. It is believed to be part of a much larger long term plan to have an aviation museum at the airfield which has previously applied for such facilities.

The Buccaneer has taken residency after a long service life and a spell as RAF Lossiemouth's gate guard.

Full service history of the aircraft is available at:

It is believed the aircraft which is currently not in flying condition will remain at Weston and will presumably acquire some hangerage over the coming year after a recent repaint.



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